Professional Services

There are three primary areas of focus for the professional services offered through Positive Dementia Paths which include:

  1. Consultation, education and training for caregivers of persons with dementia
  2. Evaluation of the home environment for safety, and accessibility
  3. Public speaking, education, and training beyond the family

Consultation, education and training for caregivers of persons with dementia

Primary professional services offered by Positive Dementia Paths are to provide in-home consultation, training, and education for caregivers of persons who have dementia. This process includes:

A complementary phone consultation with Dr. Donovan determines individualized needs.

A home visit is scheduled during which Dr. Donovan gathers information using evidence based assessments, interviews, and professional observations.

Assessment results are used to develop a written plan that provides action steps to improve safety, independence and communication.

The plan is reviewed with the family and Dr. Donovan demonstrates care techniques and models communication approaches that help caregivers

Caregivers may seek additional consultations to modify the plan as the person’s dementia progresses

A complimentary phone consultation to determine each individual family’s needs.

A home visit during which Dr. Donovan gathers information using evidence based assessments, interviews, and observations.

Dr. Donovan uses assessment results to develop a plan that identifies the strengths of the person with memory loss and well as the setting. The plan provides action steps to improve communication, and prioritize tasks that ensure home safety and independence. Teaching may include things like specific kinds of cues and modifications needed to be taught to the caregiver to help the person with dementia be successful, happy, and purpose-filled in daily life

The plan is reviewed with the family. Dr. Donovan initiates teaching, demonstrates care techniques and models communication approaches that help caregivers refine their skills for success. Written recommendations for approaches and activities for the person’s interests and ability levels such as daily self-care skills, or hobbie

  • Other personalized recommendations, based on the results of assessment findings, may include suggestions for changes to the environment that will help promote daily independence and safety as well as retaining positive engagement in meaningful activities.
  • Follow-up with additional assessment and recommendations are provided as the person’s dementia progresses, according to the wishes of the family.

Evaluation of the home environment for safety, and ease of access

Services may include:

  • Use of standardized assessments to evaluate safety and accessibility
  • Written recommendations for modifications make the home more safe and user-friendly for all family members
  • Durable medical equipment, or adaptive devices may be recommended for the safety or convenience for both the caregiver and the person with dementia.

Public speaking beyond the family

  • In addition to one on one work with family or paid caregivers in the home, Positive Dementia Paths offers training for professional staff, students, business owners, and employees, and extended family members.
  • Dr. Donovan is available for public speaking for topics of aging with dignity, continuing engagement in life, positive dementia care-capitalizing on remaining abilities, caring for the caregiver, safety in the home, preserving caregiver well-being, safe ways to move adults with mobility impairments while protecting your back, and many others

Rates and Fees

Positive Dementia Paths can help caregivers decrease frustration, increase understanding of the disease process and changes that occur, increase skills for getting daily activities done, and increase the amount of positive time to spend on relationships. Positive Dementia Paths services can be obtained in a private home, apartment, assisted living facility, or other if deemed appropriate by Dr. Donovan. Information on frequency, length, and cost of services follows.

Recommendations are made by Dr. Donovan with the intention of keeping the person with memory loss safe and contented in the home for a longer length of time, thus reducing or delaying the expense of institutional living.

  • An Initial Assessment typically takes around 3-5 hours, and may occur over 1-3 visits
  • Services are charged on an hourly basis at the rate of $125/hour
  • Caregiver training and education visits are typically one hour in length unless otherwise noted
  • After the Initial Assessment is completed billing is done in 15 minute increments
  • Depending on the needs and wishes of the family visits can be set up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly or on an individualized schedule.
  • As the person’s memory loss progresses it is helpful to have a re-assessment of their abilities and updates of recommendations for training and education for the caregiver.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE- A thoughtful gift of care from a family or friend can be purchased. Adult children, especially those who live out of the area, can consider this option if parents are reluctant to pay for services. Contact Mary Lou for more information.
  • Services are private-pay and do not qualify for Medicare or insurance reimbursement. Insurance is not accepted.
  • Invoicing is done every two weeks.
  • Initial phone consultation is available for no charge. Phone calls after care has been started will be billed at 15 minute increments.
  • Service area includes 30 miles from Duluth. Service outside of that 30 mile area is available with additional costs for mileage and travel time.
  • Public Speaking Fees are set according to the content, length of presentation, location, number of attendees, etc. Please contact Dr. Donovan for those details and inquiries.